Empire digital artworks can be purchased on high resolution print in two different formats: Flash of the Empire and Day of the Empire. Each print is a unique edition of one copy.

Flash of the Empire
It represents one moment in time sampled every 15 minutes.
It's printed on a 15x10 cm glossy paper and delivered as postcard with the post service.
It's handwritten and signed by the author.
Price: € 9,99

Flash of the Empire

Day of the Empire
It contains all the 96 Flashes of a single day each measuring 10x15 cm.
It's printed on a 160x90 cm rigid surface and shipped by express courier with tracking service.
It's signed by the author on the back and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Price: € 999,99

Day of the Empire

For special purchase requests like batch quantities, for reserving a future date or for additional sales information please contact us with the following form